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In another posting, there were ideas for a Tier VI ship. Some ideas came out about a larger type cruiser of massive proportions called the Typhoon. So, I got thinking:
What if one could, as a fleet, spend lots of time, resources and MAKE one of these massive ships, and mann them with the players of their own fleet in PvP, as well as some PvE battles?? Their role and function would be exactly as it SHOULD be, in that they provide a massive damage/supportive role, however greatly lacking in speed and maneuverability.

If a Ship like this could exist, these are a few ideas of what I would like to see aboard the ship:
1 - It's own Voice Chat system integrated into ONLY that ship, so that voice commands are heard by all. Any other communication between ships on the outside would have to be done on the Fleet Ventrilo or Team Speak Server of that fleet.

2 - A working onscreen that toggles a battle screen (rendering the same outside tactical view of the ship flying in 3d, as well as a smaller screen next to it rendering the minimap).

3 - Five Officer seats on the bridge (1 Fleet Admiral Seat - Captain's chair, 1 Tactical Seat, 1 Science Seat, and 2 Engineering Seats). Each of these seats with their own respective skills that can be used.

4 - A working Sick Bay run by one or two Science Officers. (If your crew takes hits, then they beam into sick bay beds. The faster you heal them, the faster your crew regenerates). A passive percentage boost to Science Bridge Officer Seat timer countdowns would apply per Officer allocated to this location.

5 - Active Security Officer Station - up to 5 players. (A Red Alert will show ONLY in this station regarding the presence of boarders who will try to take out certain systems on your ship. The Officers allocated to this station would then be in charge of taking out these boarders, as well as beaming aboard other FLEET player-manned vessels to take out their systems if their shields are down.) A passive percentage boost to Tactical Bridge Officer Seat timer countdowns would apply per Officer allocated to this location.

6 - Two Engineer players to assist with manual repairs to hull damage (providing a large boost to hull repair); with smallboosts to power and speed and maneuverability (as a passive), as well as a passive boost to Bridge Engineering Seat timer countdowns for their abilities.

7 - A five to ten minute (or more) Respawn Timer if this ship gets knocked out.. making it PRIME target, but also would make sense, considering its size and destructive abilities.

8 - 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4, and 5v5 FLEET battles could occur against each other. Also, only 1 of these ships allowed in PvP battles (only one slot would be allocated) where there are other lower class ships to aid.

9 - As a side-benefit of a ship like this, it provides each fleet member with a sense of accomplishment and pride. It also will provide a great location for fleet meetings, parties, and other social gatherings. It would also open the door for fleet rewards and trophies which could be displayed for actively using these ships as a fleet.

So, is this of any interest to people that play STO??