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08-03-2010, 06:55 PM
It would be a Space Fleet Action, with a combination of PvP, PvE and 'sort-of' ground action.

Scenario One: This ship would be used in PvE Fleet actions with intense ship battles... not ALL missions need to have both Space and Ground battles in the same mission. These missions would be designed to be VERY intense with numerous tough ships to fight. Completing these missions would mean heroic accolades for all Fleet members involved, as well as turn in items (such as Emblems) for the completed mission. There would also be Secondary Objectives that you would complete for extra bonuses to the mission rewards.

Scenario Two: PvP would be vastly dinamic with one of these ships present. To enter a match with a FLEET ship, you'd have to join a specified PvP type. Since I can't think of an imaginary name for it, I'd just have to call them "Titan Wars" for now. Each side would present with a FLEET vessel and at least four other lesser ranked ships. To take down a FLEET vessel, you'd have to collaborate tactics very well as a support vessel. The FLEET vessels themselves, since they are manned by real people will be prime target, as knocking one out will mean that they will have a respawn of about 5 or more minutes before they may enter into the fight again. The idea being that there HAS to be some working together with your fleet members to fly, fire at the enemy, heal, and support the vessels supporting you. The shields, hulls, and systems would be vastly superior on the FLEET ship, Once you take down an enemy FLEET vessel shield, you may choose to blow the snot out the hull (provided that they don't have heals ready to go), or you may choose to board the enemy with some of your actual Fleet Members to do some in-ship 'ground' PvP for the chance to destroy a system or two inside the ship itself (utilizing the new ship interiors)... maybe even the warp core, if you're that good. What I'd also like to see are more ways to move around the ship, like active jeffreys tubes or something of that nature, in order to give more ways than one to sneek, instead of just choke-pointing on area. I'd also like to see the ability to beam into four different locations, so that the security breach map in the Security Office would have to be utilized... so no camping. Inevitably, the main objective is a point system based on losses. The more ships they lose, the more points you gain and vise-versa, until a point cap is reached.

Scenario Three: Eventually, as this kicks off, you will "Face-Off' with other Fleets, challenging their FLEET vessel to your own in 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4, or 5v5 FLEET vessel duals. These matches would be completed when the other enemy's vessel is destroyed one time only. These battles would be ranked, and the highest ranking Fleet would be given a rank that would show on their FLEET ship icon in Sector Space and in battle. However, these ranks CAN be lost as better Fleets challenge that rank. To gain rank, a fractional point system would be used to determine their loss over win factor. The more battles that you attend as a fleet, the narrower the margine of contenders, and the less number of people that could actually attain the highest ranks. This number would be based off of the literal number of fleets that have a registered ship of this magnitude.

Anyhow.. that's the ideas for them so far.