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08-04-2010, 05:54 AM
I'd personally rather see all the c-store stuff show up in a 30 dollar expansion pack., especially the different race officers available. The fluff stuff i.e. different uniform sets would be nice mission rewards. I like the unlockable ports from the diplomatic missions, they could have done the ship costumes and player costumes in a similar fashion.

I understand the feeling of being nickle and dimed to death, your paying 40-50 bucks for the game and paying 15 a month to play it, then if you want some of the "extras" you ahve to pay more money. That being said I dont have a problem with the C-store as long as its only fluff items, if they start putting in high end gear that gives advantages then thats a problem.

I scored 500 cstore pts back when the game was just starting for doing a survey, id like to see more stuff like that where people can earn them as well as buy them if they choose too.