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# 174 Canon Starships and Bridges
08-04-2010, 11:53 AM
Do you want to make sure you are using a canon starship? Are you unsure of which are canon and which are new additions specific to the game? Do you not remember which windows or skin the ships had in the series? Well, here's a list of the starships in the game to help you.

Since there is nothing special about the coloration of starships to be canon I figured I would forgo the pictures and just give an old fashioned listing of which ships are canon and which are not. This should help a lot of players stay in canon starships for their entire career without having to go back and forth from Memory Alpha to research them all, because I did all the research for you.

For canon ships I've listed them with the most accurate windows and material to make them look correct. For canon and logic refits, I've based these choices off of the ship of which the class is a refit. For soft canon (from the books) and for non-canon ships I've listed the selections I believe make the ships appear as close to canon as possible.

A word on Logic Refits: These are Starships that while not being canon can be reasonably assumed to be within canon progression over the 30 years between the time of the series and films and that of the game. In other words, if the series and films had continued to evolve over the last 30 years leading up to the game, these are refits that might have been created for them.

For Federation Starship colors go with white and white or stick with the default grays. If you want a pattern, stick with the Corvus design. It's the only one that can really be considered near-canon as it is really just a gradient overlay. Going with no pattern at all would be more accurate to canon however.

For Klingon Ship colors use color that appear to be slightly darker than the hull material. If you want a pattern, go with Corvus, Gemini, Leo or Orion. When colored properly these appear closest to fitting with canon. Again however, going with no pattern at all would be more accurate to canon.

A Canon Bridges listing has also been added. This will show you which bridges are closest to fitting with their actual canon counterparts. While some of these may not actually be canon, they give that canon feeling when used with the proper ships.

Canon Starship Listing

Canon Bridges Listing

In reviewing and revising the Canon Starships listing I did take into account many concerns expressed about mistakes I had previously made. Hopefully you will find this listing much more accurate. If anyone feels I've made any further mistakes please let me know so I can correct them.

I hope this helps you all.