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Not sure if the Dev Team done this intentionally or accidentally, but there is definitely something wrong with the Damage Models and Difficulty settings.

With Season 2's patach, things have changed. Elite Difficulty mobs are seriously imbalanced, to the point some missions are impossible to accomplish. (That and no mobs drop anything good). Borg ships now able to recharge their tractor beam twice as fast or use shield neutralizer every couple of seconds, catching you during cooldowns.

But the one that bothers me the most is the damage models are different for ships as well. Before Season 2, hulls could actually take a pounding, but now they are as if paper thin and if your shield sare down, your either going to die immediately or end up with severe damage.

So obviously the models have been tweeked to where hull HPs mean nothing. And hope Cryptic fixes this, else this MMO has turned into a FPS.

Asteroid's anyone?