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All right, let's get to the point.


29th century

All Good Things

"excursion Jacket"

Command Uniform A -

Starfleet Dress Uniform -

Doctor Crusher + Pulaski Uniforms

Alynna Nechayev'a Flag Officer Uniform

Starfleet Flight Suit

Worf's (Klingon) Baldric

Desert Robe

Section 31 Uniform

"Vargas" Combat Uniform

Alternate Reality (JJ) Uniforms - Standard, Dress,

"Enterprise" Uniform

Enterprise Terran Empire Uniform

2370 Dress Uniform

MACO Uniform


Terran Empire

29th century

Future Imperfect Rank / Combadge combo

PLUS the rank designs of the costumes above


Starship designs

Excelsior - (just to be complete, its not out ya know, PS. THANK YOU CRYPTIC!!!)

Alternate Reality Constitution :

Kelvin - type :

Ambassador :

Wells Class (USS Relativity) :

Dauntless Class :

Enterprise - J


"Prototype Cruiser" : NX - class basis

3 forward weapons, 3 rear weapons

All neutral bridge officer stations of different ranks

3 of every console type


"Hull Armor"

Allows the starship to have an extra row of protection other than shields, as damage is taken on the different shield faces, the armor degrades on more damage gets through. The armor can be healed along with health with powers like "Engineering Team." Though not as much as the actual hull.

Ability Explanation : When one side of the ship gets damaged, the armor absorbs the damage, allowing the ship to have an extra shield, the less HP is has, the more damage the enemy ship can do, when it goes down, it "buckles", and the full damage of the enemies weapons goes to the weak hull.

Crew : 80 - 100 (Canon Crew Compliment is 83)

SHIP OVERVIEW: This type of ship can be viewed as the T5 variant of the Light Cruiser. It has equal capabilities in all areas, its greatest strength being the variety of configurations it can be put in. Also, it has it's hull armor ability that allows it to sustain damage, though its actual HP should be low, somewhere around the Science Vessel's to balance it out.

Also, I would like to be able to go to more major planets, including Earth. We should be able to go to more areas of the planets we do have (like the ability to go into the Forge on Vulcan)