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08-04-2010, 07:22 PM
Yeah, I have to agree. The Connie is my favorite ship, but it's pretty old by not, and not really a ship the Federation would sent into a War zone. It's more of a ship that they would send to explore, etc, etc, etc. The Excelsior is kinda pushing it too, the Nebula is a Cruiser, but still, it is not really a military vessel.

Though, I would like to see more variety of Federation ships. If Cryptic and/or the fans could find a way to give the Connie a fighting chance while still keeping in canon boundaries, it would be fine for me.

Overall, I like that they're giving the Feds more variety, I can't wait till the day I go into PVP and I see starships of every shape and size.

Yeah, that would be the day. Until they find a way though, I would like a few GOOD ships, than a bunch of crappy ones.