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Federation STuff :

General :

Just run down the forums also for mister sthal this could be intresting !!!
People asking a lot off stuff from STO but should also know this is a lot off work to complete .
I think STO doing there utmost to satesfy all customers, I think they never knew startrek had so many fans .
Ok lets go to buisniss ...

I have a pretty list but I have no saying what so ever people STO decides what go to the game or what to C-Store !!!

Ship's in startrek :

01. Phoenix 11. Oberth Class
02. NX Warp 5 Prototype 12. Akira Class
03. NX 14. Ambassador Class
04. NX-02 Columbia 15. Prometheus Class ( Multi-Vector Assault Mode )
05. Constellation Class 16. Galaxy Class
06. Constitution Class 17. Defiant/Escort Class
07. Constitution Class Refit 18. Intrepid Class
08. Excelsior Class 19. Kelvin Class ( Anti Borg Equipment )
09. Excelsior NX-2000 20. Constitution Class
10. Miranda Class 21. Jellyfish ( Verry secret Prototype )

Weapons for Federation Ships :

1. Disruptors
2. Varon-T disruptors
3. Lasers
4. Pulse cannons
5. Phase cannons
6. Phased polaron cannon
7. Phasers

Biological/Radioactive/Chemical weapons :

1. Thalaron radiation
2. Metreon cascade
3. Trilithium resin
4. Cobalt diselenide

Projectile weapons :

1. Chroniton torpedoes
2. Polaron torpedoes
3. Gravimetric torpedoes ( Gravimetric torpedoes are torpedoes used by the Borg. The weapon emits a complex phase variance of gravitons to create a gravimetric distortion capable of tearing starships apart. )
4. Photon torpedoes
5. Plasma torpedo
6. Quantum torpedoes
7. Spatial torpedoes ( Spatial torpedoes are the ship's most powerful and primary ship-to-ship weapon prior to the installation of phase cannons. )
8. Transphasic torpedoes
9. Phased plasma torpedoes
10. Positron torpedoes ( The Kessok are a highly intelligent race that allied themselves with the Cardassians, albeit through deceit, in the video game Star Trek: Bridge Commander. They utilize positron torpedoes: powerful, slow-moving projectiles able to inflict nearly twice as much damage as quantum torpedoes. )
11. Isokinetic Cannon ( The Isokinetic Cannon was seen in only one episode of Star Trek: Voyager, "Retrospect". Voyager met with a weapons trader and designer known as Kovin. It destroyed a target buoy composed of solid 10m thick monotanium with a chromoelectric forcefield in one shot, coring it cleanly through. Unfortunately, Kovin was killed prior to the installation of the weapon. Though the weapon was never known to have been removed from Voyager, it was never seen in use nor referred to again. It is presumed that without Kovin's help, it could not be integrated into Voyager's defensive array and was either stored or removed. )

Subspace weapons :

1. Isolytic burst ( Son'a vessels carried and used isolytic burst weapons, a type of subspace weapon. They were seen using this weapon against the Enterprise-E in Star Trek: Insurrection. The Enterprise was only able to escape the weapon's effect by ejecting its warp core and detonating it to seal a subspace rift. )

2. Tricobalt devices ( The tricobalt warhead is a subspace weapon whose high-yield detonations can tear holes in subspace. Tricobalt devices are not a standard armament of Federation vessels and yields are calculated in Tera-Cochranes, indicating that its mechanism is somewhat similar to the general reaction in a warp field.

USS Voyager uses a pair of tricobalt devices to destroy the Caretaker array in the Star Trek: Voyager pilot episode, "Caretaker" and was also used against Voyager in the episode "Blink of an Eye". A tricobalt warhead was also used by the Tholians in the Star Trek: Enterprise episode "In a Mirror, Darkly". They detonated a tricobalt warhead inside the gravity well of a dead star. The explosion created an interphasic rift, which they used to lure the Federation starship USS Defiant from another Universe.

The games Star Trek Armada and Star Trek Armada II have ships armed with Tricobalt devices for artillery support. The Federation Steamrunner class, the Klingon Chuq'Beh-class Bird of Prey, the Romulan Raptor class Warbird, and the Borg Harbinger are all capable of using them. The workings of the weapon is unknown but theorised is the use of Cobalt-60. )

Ok some items i described as good as posible to spare STO developers some time .
But this should be in the game most of it is but I'm missing lots off weapons in the game that could make an difference for all federation personal .

Other weapons :

1. Magnetometric guided charges ( Around Stardate 43995, the Borg used this weapon to drive the USS Enterprise, NCC-1701-D, from the Paulson Nebula. This shortly leads to the abduction of Captain Jean Luc Picard. )

2. Multikinetic neutronic mines ( During Season 4, Episode 1 of Star Trek: Voyager, Captain Janeway consults with Borg representative Seven of Nine on how to destroy Species 8472. Janeway calls Seven of Nine's "multikinetic neutronic mine" a "weapon of mass destruction," following up on a statement from Tuvok that it would affect an entire starsystem, destroying innocent worlds. The mine's five-million isoton yield can disperse Borg nanoprobes across a five-light year range. )

3. Dreadnought ( Dreadnought was a Cardassian self-guided missile, containing one thousand kilograms of matter, and another thousand of antimatter. Tuvok describes this as enough to destroy a small moon. Although described as a self-guided missile, in practice Dreadnought functions much like an autonomous starship, and it even had life support capability onboard. It possesses shields, phasers, a complement of quantum torpedoes, a Thoron shock emitter, a plasma wave weapon, engines capable of reaching at least Warp 9, and a sophisticated computer AI. It appears in the Voyager episode of the same name. It had been captured by the Maquis and reprogrammed to attack its original creators. It was dragged into the Delta Quadrant in much the same manner as Voyager, and when unable to resolve the unforeseen situation it locked on to a similar planet inhabited by innocents. )

Ok that's the list so far hope we will see some off this stuff back in STO maybe in C-store or maybe ingame who knows if you have an comment on my writing please do so but keep in mind I'am from Europe so there could be some spell errors in the languance . So fly safe and keep your heads cool Tyron out