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I am not sure what the entire point of you post is, but I'd like to point out a few things that might interest you:
The Federation would not use certain weapons out of policy and for reasons of morality and treaties.
For example take a look at the Varon-T Disruptor:

The same goes for biological and subspace weapons.

And a little something out of curiousity:
Why would you make weapons Federation only?

As for some of the weapons you list like Lasers and Phase Cannons:
Those weapons would be horribly outdated an possibply next to useless.
For exaple in the episode "The Outrageous Okona" of The Next Generation
it is clearly established that Laser weapons cannot even penetrate the navigational shields
of a Galaxy Class vessel and that a ship armed with such weapons could shoot "for hours"
without doing any damage.
Since the Phase weapons we've seen in human (which is not the same as the Federation) ships had been replaced with Lasers
in the 23rd century (in the Original Pilot episode of the Oringinal Series "The Cage") it would seem they are even more useless especially in a time that lies beyond any of the Tv shows.

As for the theory about the use of cobalt 60 in a tricobalt device is terribly rubbish in my opinion.
A "cobalt bomb", or "salted bomb" as they are also called is nothing more that a normal nuclear weapon that has cobalt added to it, which turns into cobalt 60 when it is bombarded with neutron radiation.
Cobalt in a nuclear device does NOT increase the yield.
Instead it is spread over an area and kills organic material since it emits gamma radiation when it breaks down
It is a weapon that increases radioactive fallout to kill more people.
In space combat it would be nothing more than a nuclear explosive with a large "kaboom" and some added gamma rays that in the world of Star Trek would be absorbed of deflected by the ship's shields and of course the radiation shielding of the ship itself.
I do not know where all you material and ideas come from, but maybe you'd like to take the time and read up on a bit of it since not all of it makes that much sense.
The link to "Memory Alpha" is a good place to start reading alittle bit about some of the aspects of Star Trek and what may work and what may not.
Also take a look here:

This is one of the most complete and carefully created list of Star Trek ships that I know.
It also refrains from speculations and theories like DITL does, where you have to pay close attention to which colours the letters have to see which part of the article is based in Star Trek and which part is entirely the author's fiction.

As for material from other games:
One game company cannot use the materials from another game company due to licensing problems.
I've said it so often that I am thinking about making it into a signature by now.
Stuff developed by Interplay, Activision, FASA, Amarillo Design Bureau etc. for their Star Trek games cannot be used in Star Trek Online.