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# 1 New Mission ( Please Read )
08-05-2010, 04:20 AM
Vice Admiral :

Once in the ready room your commander says you are hailed by starfleet :
Admiral quin says that you have an direct order to go to Vorn system to investicate .
Once there he will hail you again on a secret starfleet channel .

Once in the Vorn system Admiral Quin is halling you again and says :
You are in the Vorn system beam down to the planet site I know you have been there allready, but we have an report the borg is experimenting with omicron particles better know as Omega Particle .
When you are on the planet side its a long walk for you and your crew no borg inside.
But then there is an building your crewmen is scanning the building and says : Captain this should be the building you are looking for ? Other crewmen says what are we looking for ?
You say I can't say it its utmost secret ensign.

Try to find your way in to the buiding you stumble on a borg patrol scout .
Do nothing and he will ignor us completly .
You sure captain last time we met the borg they started to shoot at us .
I'am sure .
And the borg past stopt for a moment and walks on .
Now try to scan this door see if you can open it .
Yes Sir.
after some time the door is open and you and your crew enters.
After a few more doors you find verry large force off drones who do not notice you because there to bussy with Omega Particle .
Comander says what are they doing Captain , hmm not sure but I think they are trying to staybelice it .
If thats the case they may not proceed because if they do they have an verry powerfull weapon in there hands.
I agree but are orders are clear here use your singnal cloak so they wont detect are prencence and set up those bombs .
The whole place is rigt sir what now ?
Try to find are way out as quick as posible beam to the ship and detonate this facility .
And warp away i think all there will be left here in the vorn system is rocks .
Ok let's go .
Back on the bridge ok crew detonate the bomb and course to warp out ready ?
Yes sir helm is ready at your command .
Ok 5,4,3,2,1, Detonate .
Boom ! ! !
Helm warp 9 engage !
-- Warping Out --
Back on the bridge ...
Admiral Quin is haling us sir !!
Great Job Vice Admiral Remarkable when things are at easy go back in to asses the damage !
I sir !
Warp back into vorn system .
Men that place took some beating like I said planet is half destroyed but radiation is normal .
Ok let's give are sience team someting to do fly by and pick up data particals and then back to memory alpha to give them somting to wonder about .
-- Later--
Transport comander romain and 4 sience teams to the confrence room lets talk .
Explained everyting to commander Romain she gives you large amount off energy credits for the data to study .
You agreed and mission sucsesfull ...

Ok hope you like it sofar !!!