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Originally Posted by Hellspawny View Post
I need some advice...

As VA1 I start with just one DXP. I'll need 159 additional points (the tooltip says 140, that's strange but not the problem) for Attaché.

There are 7 story missions which will add 70 points total. I won't get any explore missions until I'm Attaché... so Aid the planets don't seem to count atm. Does it mean I'll have to finish 9 first contact missions before the fun starts at all? Or are there other ways to boost DXP?
You can't get FC missions until you are Envoy. There is a total of 80 DXP you can get from new missions. 70 DXP from storyline missions, and 10 DXP from getting Yoshi a Jumja stick.

After that, you need to grind the rest of your DXP from non-combat objective explore missions (more info on tha tin the guide). Then, at Attache, you start getting Diplomatic Investigation missions, which are basically single target Explore missions that have a 100% chance for DXP. You use normal explore missions and the DIs to grind out to Envoy. Then you use the rare First Contact mish, the DIs and the explore missions to get to max rank.