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08-05-2010, 10:35 AM
Originally Posted by PatricianVetinari
Blackvaar, I've been watching your thread and it's really impressive work!

With the ability to purchase extra costume slots for all my characters I just went and "wasted" a lot of money and bought a bunch of extra slots. Then for my primary character (who just reached VA1 last night, yay me! ), using your wonderful color specs I made the following uniforms:

  • Combat (A "padded jerkin" type custom uni in Aggressive stance that looks good under my Kit)
  • Fleet (My fleet's uni, I didn't make this one, but like it, especially w/the new Emblem - woot!)
  • Off Duty (something I threw together, don't like it yet)
  • TOS Command Gold
  • TOS Captain's Variant Green (I added a MU Gold Sash)
  • MU First Officer's Variant Gold
  • TOS WoK Command
  • TOS WoK Command Open (stance: Relaxed)
  • TNG Command Red
  • TNG Film Command Red
  • DS9 Command Red
  • VOY Command Red
  • STO Lemming Uni
Man. I didn't realize how costume crazy I am. lol. I'm unhappy with my Off-Duty uni. I don't really like the choices STO gives us. I'll try out the new ones you posted and see if any of yours work for me.

Anyway, I have some questions for you:

The last on my list (the Lemming) is my version of what I think the generic officers wandering around my interiors are wearing. I see that you have the 25th Century Uniforms, do you know which on your list would best match the generic interior lemmings? I'd like them to be the same.

Is it me or can you not add a rank to the WoK unis? And on the image, the pre-made "pips" that are there, don't look right, like they're torn off... Is that a bug or it supposed to look like that?

The 200 Day Veteran Reward looks great! Thanks for color-coding that. I won't get that for a few more weeks, but I'm looking forward to it (did it come with another slot, or do you have to add a slot?)

As I mentioned, I just got to VA1 last night. Boy it's a pain (and kind of expensive) to go back through all my costumes to change the rank insignia. heh. I really can't decide on what colors to go with on my new VA1 jacket. Have you the coding for that?

I hope you'll be coding the colors for the upcoming Formal wear and Merc unis.

Anyway, again thanks for the hard work!

Nice. Impressive number of uniforms for a single character. You outdid me.

In answer to your queries,

The most common uniform worn by NPC "lemmings" (I assume by this you mean the ones that have no function other than to walk around and fill space) is the A-02 uniform.

The WoK uniform has a set rank of Captain. It cannot be changed as it is actually part of the uniform, not a separate piece. The rank on that uniform has always looked a bit messed up. It is not supposed to look like that. Hopefully when the devs get around to creating a full set of ranks for that uniform, they will fix that as well.

The Veteran uniform did not come with a bonus costume slot. I haven't officially got a slot for it yet, but I have it Saved for later use.

Grats on reaching VA! I haven't yet done the coding for the VA uniform. I'm not quite there yet. I should be able to get there within the next week. When I do, I assure you that uniform will be added to the guide.

I do plan on adding both the Formal Wear and the Mercenary uniforms to the guide. I'll have to see them first to see what real canon outfits they resemble, but I've got lots of ideas from TNG and VOY for them color-wise.

Originally Posted by gaijingomi View Post

I can not thank you enough for devoting both the time and energy to these items. Every time I even think of changing my character's uniform, I come to you first.

I'd send you a bottle of Dom as a thank you if I could
You're very welcome. I'm glad you are finding it useful.