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12-10-2008, 07:29 PM
Most marriages start out well, and I wish the happy couple much luck, but the proof will come when things get tough.

If Atari stays the hell out of Cryptic's way, creatively-speaking, and lets them do what they do best, then it's all for the good.

The minute Atari starts pulling the Sony Online Entertainment shtik, where the accounting and the marketing departments start dictating content and/or release dates, citing the need to show "ever-increasing profits to reassure the stockholders" as paramount, then I know the corporate relationship has turned abusive, as it too often does when one business partner owns the metaphoric deed to the house and controls all the money.

I don't expect the worst, by any means, but I will keep a watchful eye out for it. Look at SOE's history; look at EA's. Will Infogrames/Atari be the good corporate partner? I do hope so.

When a black-eyed Jack Emmert starts claiming he only "walked into a door" at a corporate meeting, or Craig's goat suddenly goes missing and turns up as an "exotic entree" at an Atari corporate retreat dinner, then I'll know Cryptic's bought trouble here today.

Hoping for the best, but keeping an eye on the new guys,