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Here are a few items I have wanted since playing STO from the Beta stage, and would be willing to pay in the C-Store to get.

1) Additional costume slots for the ENTIRE Bridge Crew...not just my character. (I would like to have at least one more slot for my characters to have a more formal dress...the more slots the better).

2) The Dress uniform worn for Special occasions by Star Fleet, seen in TNG, DS9, and I think Voyager.

3) Ability to use hands in ground combat. (By this I mean, using martial arts, or simply punching should be an option without having to substitute a weapon slot for it. Weapon slots should be for...weapons...whether energy or physical weapons). I say this, as in real combat, a person could either put away, throw, or drop a weapon while in combat.

4) The ability to change the uniforms for the entire crew. (Thus, each player can have their own generic costumes for medical, science, tactical, engineering personal, on the ship that they see when walking around their ship.

Those the three simple abilities I would like to see added to the game, whether simply added to the game, or bought through C-Store.

Another ability I would like to see, based on the new ability of the galaxy vice admiral ship to have saucer separation, is to revisit the Prometheus escort ship from the Voyager Series. If it cannot be done right away...fine, but in the upcoming seasons can we please have a full functioning Prometheus?

Many People bought the battle Cruiser for 2,000 cryptic points...I can only imagine how much you could make if this one Cryptic...maybe 3,000...or you could just give it in game as well (wink).