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08-06-2010, 09:11 AM
Originally Posted by rihanhadheno View Post
THATS the intrepid bridge!! Did they even see a single episode of Voyager were did they come up with that design looks nothing like it! Would say worse things about it but dont want to get canned from the forums

To clarify what you are asking for isn't the Intrepid bridge, you are asking for Voyager's bridge. There is a difference, not all ships of the same class have the same exact bridge. The Defiant had a different bridge from the Valiant or the second Defiant and the Enterprise had a different Bridge from the USS Yamato and we have seen more than 1 version of the Excelsior, Constitution, Reliant and NX bridge. It stands to reason that the Intrepid would also have different bridges, BUT if you want one that is close to what you saw in VOY there are already a few free bridges available to science ships that more closely resemble that particular bridge.