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08-06-2010, 10:22 AM
Originally Posted by ELITE-Kaos View Post
Many players have stated how boring it would be just to sit in front of a screen clicking a button once every so often while others do the same in some pakled type attempt to be good in combat.
... Hmm... Isn't that what happens now?

The idea is a Fleet Ship in concept. Regardless of how it's run, it should be something that the fleet bands together and attains through hard teamwork, and brings to a battle as a team effort. So, if it's a 'bad idea' that real players sit at each sit and click buttons every now and then, I still fail to see how this is different from now, and I also think it could be better than just one or two buttons being clicked. I was actually thinking about more micro-management of ship power as an expendature when using their skills. As an example: Each ship consol is given a certain amount of power (based upon the Captains power-control wishes) that goes down as a result of using skills. To use the skills well, one would have to juggle toggles, and know which skills to use when. This way, it's much more than clicking a few buttons.

To be quite honest, I don't understand why it has to be a 'dead donkey' of an idea. The idea of this ship type is to be more interactive than any ship in the game so far, where Fleets actually HAVE a social environment, and even use that environment in battles that are FAR more engaging than the same old B-Tran missions.

What if a fleet actually wants to fly one of these? I don't believe for a moment that this HAS to be boring. There are many games that take player-manned consols very seriously, and use the concept quite well to sell millions of copies; BATTLEFIELD being the biggest name. And, as with the Battlefield series, player consol management is done very well, and is quite fun IMO. Which proves the point that player-manned consols ARE indeed something that sells, and can be implemented very well if done right. FLEET vessels would bring different end-game combat, far more immersive than any stupid hologram program or card game.

Maybe my idea is a bad one, and maybe it is a boring one? I don't know, but could it be something we collaborate on until it is a good idea that they could work with, and would be engaging for all? For once, I'd like to get an idea like this and make it work, instead of blowing the idea totally out of the water. There's plenty of pessimism in the game already, but what about solutions and ideas?

PS - Canmore, I actually like the idea of your own outfitted fleets and crew. Having your own fleet is pretty much for PvE anyhow, so has very little confliction with this idea. And, even if you chose to bring a ship like I'm suggesting to a PvE grand-scale battle, it would still not conflict with that idea, as every battle has a ship limit to it anyhow, and the Fleet vessel would only count as one, but would bring a special edge to the battle.