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08-06-2010, 10:10 AM
Originally Posted by AngelSilhouette View Post
It still boggles me why people want to play the borg. I mean the borg borg and not liberated like Hugh.

Playing a borg is completely antithetic to the entire MO of the borg. Players are chaotic and disorderly, bumping into each other, racing to steal cluster anomalies from each other, and unable to properly coordinate CE fleet actions on the fly because someone always comes in and kills it for the rest. The borg are orderly and seek perfection (despite their chaotic and sloppy looking architecture and costuming and use of inferior organic parts).
I agree with this 100%. Any borg PC faction would need to be a group of borg that have been perminatly seperated from the collective, like the Borg from the TNG ep "Desent".

I'm hoping that the next faction will be Romulans and that shouldn't be for a while. The Klinks need some lovin'.