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08-06-2010, 10:37 AM
It was done in Star Wars Galaxies and almost never used because it was such a hassle to get everyone working together. The multiplayer ships were good in concept, laid out very well, everyone on board had a job to do and it absolutely sucked to actually do it.

The guns were manually targetted and it was damned near impossible to hit anything with any of the turrets if someone like me with a HOTAS rig was flying.

Damage control was located throughout the ship and plasma leaks almost instantly killed anyone that was standing by to repair them.

The co-pilot's seat was kind of useless because of the lack of commands which could be done better in STO but won't be.

You would almost HAVE to go with full flight control systems and full 6-DOF to make it playable.

Phasers are locked on target leaving the tactical position with little to do other than select targets.

The ships are meant to be manned by crews of several hundred, not half a dozen and even assuming that you only used five players per ship, there would be damned little for any of them to do

Implementation would be horrible and would basically require a full redesign of the game engine to make it work.

Personally, I would rather play poker with my fleet mates in the lounge than that.