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Originally Posted by Endariok View Post
***Possible SPOILERS*****

I enjoyed the over all direction and story of the mission. However, the description of the Great Ones or Gekli seems to more accurately describe the lifeform/starship from the TNG episode 'Tin Man'; found in season 3. The model used in the mission is representative of the lifeforms in 'Galaxy's Child' TNG season 4 episode 16. Is this a mistake or intentional.
I am guessing they are trying to tie it in with tinman of sort.
Been years since i watched it, but i seem to recall the ship said that it was many for a long time and over time they just got less and less and in the end he was alone.
So could have been a crossing of sort with many ships by accident and btw it makes sense that tinman comes from fluidic space as it is a "sea" creature.

So whatever they thought for me it makes sense they are from fluidic space, but that is just my 2 cents