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08-06-2010, 04:49 PM
Originally Posted by shawn View Post
dint we have the option during closed beta for I.S.S. id love to add that prefix
Well, when/if they add a playable Terran Empire. We should get those prefixes.

While I commend your guys idea, it doesn't really fit into the game. Just because of canon. Now, you might say: "Why should my gameplay be limited because of some old dusty gun."

I would counter: "Why should the dusty gun be discarded for your gameplay?"

Really, I would vote for more "material types" and more "window options" or "outside lights". I notice you don't have running lights after the Miranda. (Some of the RA ships have them.) How about those? We could change the colors of them too! That could make the ships more unique, AND keep it canon.

I am sorry, but I have to say 100% no against the ISS. Removing USS or making a new acronym is fine, at least I can't see a problem canon wise. In fact, I want to say the timeship in Voyager (Captain Braxton) had a different prefix.

Hey, where are our timeships?

EDIT (To Update)
Aww, I was wrong.

However! The registry for the ship is "NCV-474439-G "

Now I am beginning to wonder about the "restriction" on our registries. I mean, can I not make a NX-474439-G or a NCC-474439-G? Then why can't I make a NCV-1701?

HA! Put that in your nacelle and smoke it!