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08-07-2010, 05:36 AM
Originally Posted by GoranAgar View Post
Do you get a blank white popup window when the launcher loads? Also can you take a screenshot of your loader screen?
Hi there, i just installed STO but after start i only get this mentioned white screen and nothing else.

I installed ie7 and corefonts with winetricks too.

*edit: Maybe i know whats the problem. ie6 or ie7 never installed, cause i have a 64 bit linux and 32bit wine. Using winetricks to installe ie6 and ie7 then fails cause it detects my 64bit linux host and denies installing 32 bit ie. Strange thing cause all other 32 bit apps work.. :/

*edit2: ok, i fxed my earlier problems by installing "bin32-wine_gecko" on my archlinux installation, now the launcher starts. I can fill in my credentials but i cannot hit the "patch" button. :/ I think this brings me back to problem 1. How to install ie6.

Is there anything i have to do to get rid of it? I searched in this thread but i cannot find anything that helps.

Here is a screenshot:

edit: Don't know if this matters but i have a STO tray icon too. But i cannot interact with it.

Thx to all