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08-07-2010, 09:12 AM
Originally Posted by MasterVel422
Well through thorough testing i think it could work its not that bad of an idea i used to run a fully manned YT-1300 in SWG and i found it to be a blast of course it was all of
my Guild mates manning it and we had a fighter escort of other guild mates it all depends on the Fleet and how active said is ,it is actually a good idea it just needs to be fleshed out more.
I believe the previous postings are correct on this idea (even though I STILL would like to see it). This particular game would have to rebuild its core IP to support the voice chat alone (something they won't do). As well, the PvP would be too fast for it as it stands now.

However, having said this, I DO think that PvP should be MUCH MUCH MUCH more tactical, and slower than it is now. I think that a 3 second kill on any ship shouldn't be possible. But, since it is a fast paced battle of ship raping, the previous poster would be correct to assume that the pace of the battles would be too quick to implement an idea like this.

If you have more ideas that COULD work in this regard... maybe a smaller version of this type of thing? I don't know.. But I really would like a ship that has SOMETHING that another Real Player can use in conjunction with another Real Player.