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12-11-2008, 11:03 AM
Originally Posted by Kosh28 View Post
Having worked for a game company that was bought out by Atari(Infogrames) I'm kinda worried. I've heard it all before, then the games were shelved and studio was shut down. and it was a profitable studio.
I hope it doesn't happen again, I really want to see this game be made.
GT or Bitmap Brothers I presume?

I'm really sorry to hear that, they were some of my favourite studios, and a massive part of the UK scene. The original Bitmap Brothers games on the Atari ST were awesome though. What was that on called that was a platformer with a kid who wore a black cap and sunglasses. Betty Boop was in it aswell for some reason. Awesome game that, I spent hours playing it, but its name escapes me at present.