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The transporter effects were very different between TOS, TMP, the other Original Series movies (ST IV, V, VI), TNG, DS9, VOY, Generations, Enterprise, the other TNG movies.

Why not allow players to visit the Transporter Room (presently on the engineering deck of their ship interiors) and use the transporter console to choose which transporter effects they want to use?

The Klingons had different transporter effects from the TOS movies (ST II & VI for instance), TNG, DS9 and Generations so they would also have some options to choose from.

The Federation/Starfleet players would obviously have several options to choose from as well as listed above.

If players didn't actually go select a preference, it would just use the current one which would be the default.

This would add to realism and make the game more immersible and fun.

All in favor please post or sign here.