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08-07-2010, 05:22 PM
Originally Posted by thethanatos View Post
I found it to be a blast as long as I was flying but the poor *******s in the turrets kept whining about being carsick I really don't think it would be possible with the current engine and for the people monitoring the plasma leaks (or whatever) it would be the polar opposite of fun.

By the way, I always thought the mining ship was more fun multiplayer though it took a LOT more people to manage it properly for damage control. It flew better than the YT and I got a gun too so at least someone could shoot the bad guys without throwing up on their keyboard.

Motion sickness was actually a serious problem for the people on my ships, no joke. I used a HOTAS Cougar with an RCS to kick some serious bottom.
Actually, if I was to implement this in game, there wouldn't be a turret, just a bar that let you know the power lvl you were allocated, Tactical maneuvering buttons, Tacital buff toggels, targeting buttons for specific subsystem targetting, and a fire button for each particular weapon (that you could link together to fire all at once if you wished). As well, the consols themselves would LOOK like the real Star Trek Consols on your screen, plus you'd get a minimap in the top right, and an 'on screen' look on the top left, so you can keep an eye on things as they unfold. So, this is pretty much to prove that there WILL be a lot to do at each consol, if there was ever a fear that you'd be bored.