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The basic premise is to continue the line of ships which starts with the Tier 1 Miranda frigate , by fleshing this out into a new class of ship to go alongside the current escort ,cruiser and science ship lines

On Universal BOFFS and what they bring to the game for new players...

The Klingon Bird of prey is a fantastic ship for new players to learn with simply because it allows you to test out every power in the game , it would be a nice addition to Starfleet to have a similar , but different, ship , that doesnt cloak , but does have universal boffs

Furthermore , modifying the Miranda(noob frigate//starter ship) would bring some parity in Tier 1 pvp and allow much more competition in this tier.

Important points...

This NEW CLASS of ships resides somewhere between an Escort and a science ship in firepower and utility , with raptor like hull hitpoints , but better shields
  • They would have Raptor hull hitpoints
  • They would have between Cruiser and escort Shield hitpoints
  • Turn rate less than Escorts , more than Science ships
  • They would NOT be able to fit heavy cannons
  • They would NOT cloak
  • They would have Universal BOFFs

This class would also be a very good fit for the Nebula class which was very much a "Jack of all trades" in its capability and was often tasked as science ship , medical ship OR heavily armed and used in a fire support role due to its heavbily modular design..

Heres some rough stats , these can all be tweaked and fleshed out , but it gives the general idea...

Tier 1 Frigate , - Miranda Class

Updated with 3 Ensign Universal BOFF stations

Hitpoints and available loadouts remain the same..

2 fore weapons
1 aft

Tier 2 , Frigate - "Furious" Class...

2 Ensign Universal Boff
1 LT Universal Boff
Hull Hitpoints same as Klingon raptor , with better shields

3 fore weapons
1 aft

Tier 3 frigate - "Curry" Class - as seen here
2 ensign universal
1 LT Universal
1 LT CMDR Universal

4 fore weapons
1 Aft

Tier 4 Frigate- "Nebula" class

2 ensign
2 lt cmdr

4 fore weapons
2 aft

Tier 5 Frigate - "Springfield" Class ,-

2 ensign
1 Lt
1 Lt cmdr
1 Cmdr

4 fore
4 aft

Tier 5.x frigate - Nebula Refit aka "Proto Nebula"
2 ensign
1 Lt
1 Lt cmdr
1 Cmdr

4 fore
3 aft

+ Special ability - Deflector discharge