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08-07-2010, 05:18 PM
Originally Posted by Miiru
Security team? It's a school network. The entire IT support staff is a couple guys. Those people all believe Microsoft's claims about how group policy lockdown is the way to secure things. They're doing exactly what the Microsoft training courses tell you to do (while all the sysadmins are sitting in the back row and trying not to cringe).

Yes, I do believe that they would act the same way as all the other school networks. Incompetence is the norm here.
Maybe they are doing that where you come from, but here in Norway they make the blocks in the network firewall...not to mention that most schools here have switched to Mac and Linux, the universities here use Linux as primary OS with the option to connect to a virtual environment that runs Windows and all their main servers are Linux/Unix based. They provide every student with a CD copy of Ubuntu (or other Linux distribution) and also has some classes on how to use it for the ones that has never used the OS before.

Why they run Linux? It's allot cheaper (free), safe from malware (no antivirus needed), easy to setup, most software is free and easy to get and it's compatible to all hardware you may wish to connect to it (you may have to write the driver on your own though)

The firewalls are either hardware based or software (Linux/Unix) based depending what they are securing.
For the schools it's a little different, there you have an internal firewall that is placed on the outgoing and incoming connections and then you have an external firewall at a center where all the local school's traffic goes through for additional filtering.