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08-08-2010, 04:42 AM
I'd have to say no to ISS, HMS, etc. (even though my fed engineer is originally from the mirror universe and served aboard the ISS Defiant) because there's a specific reason ships have a USS, HMS, ISS, IKS, etc. It is a reference to the military that they are a part of. United Starship refers to the UFP, HMS refers to the British Royal Navy (which wouldn't still exist in the 25th century since Earth is no longer devided into individual nations with independant militaries).

Simply put, if your char is part of the Federation faction, the ship has to be the USS [blank], unless maybe they start allowing things like Vulcan and Andorian ships, which would presumably have Vulcan/Andorian specific abbreviations.

If your char is part of hte Klingon Faction, it's an Imperial Klingon Ship. If it's part of the Romulan faction, it's an Imperial Romulan Warbird.

Also, the reason they didn't have the USS on the front of the Enterprise NX-01 is because there was not yet a United Federation of Planets, which is where the U comes from. At the time, it would've merely been the SS Enterprise, just like the SS Botany Bay.