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08-08-2010, 04:57 PM
Originally Posted by sxxxxe
Hey ZeroIce,

thx for your interest in helping, i will check your site.

I tried deleting the wine folder several times and created hundreds of new wine bottles but without luck.
It seems that this is a problem with my linux-/wineinstalaltion cause the problem, not being able to install wine is only present to me. On other archlinux computers it seems to work.

I made a thread in the archlinux forum, maybe someone can help me, cause this is not STO / wine related problem i think. The thread i'm talking about is this one:

Okies, sorry wasn't an easy fix for ya. I looked at the link detailing the IE6 install issue. Don't have an answer for you on that but I'll ask around with some folks I know and if I get any potential solutions I'll pass them along.