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Too predictable, and no mystery. Enter a system, and your Bridge Officers relay your orders. They tell you that there "may be enemy ships in the area", and sure enough, as soon as you close the dialogue window, there's an enemy ship staring you right in the face.

Additionally, when you are preparing for an away mission, you know if it's a combat one or not based on one of two criteria. First, you can only select one Bridge Officer to bring with your Captain. This gives away the fact that it's a simple "scan the artifacts" mission with no combat, or whatnot. Second, your Bridge Officer will actually tell you that "there are enemies on the surface".

Now, I know it's not very constructive to simply point out the game's faults without providing some suggestions, so here they are.

1) Change some of the "scan and depart system" missions to include combat, but not all of them. Or, better yet, make it randomized. Every time you send an away team to a planet, you can bring a full away team, regardless of whether or not there's any combat.

2) Reduce the degree at which your Bridge Officers give you the entire mission's story on a silver platter. You never know, there could be Klingons on the planet's surface and your Bridge Officers wouldn't even have a hint that they're down there.

3) Everything's a little too... convenient. A strong ship arrives? No problem. Starfleet happens to have ten ships nearby that they can send to assist you. Please, no. Give us a way to defeat a strong opponent, such as an Undine ship, that involves thinking (suh as igniting a nebula or using an asteroid belt for cover), and not just floating there with ten NPC-controlled Starfleet vessels, pounding the enemy ship into oblivion.

Of course, I'm not suggesting that this should take priority over fixing all of the bugs. One thing at a time. Still, it's something to think about in the future. Maybe Season 3 or 4? Well, the choice is ultimately up to Cryptic as to whether or not they like my suggestions.

At any rate, thanks for taking the time to read my post, and if you've bothered to read this far, then kudos to you. Comments? Arguments? Suggestions? Additions? I'd love to hear them!