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08-08-2010, 10:15 PM
I can't agree entirely with the OP on this one, mainly cause the c-store stuff is optional, no one says you have to pay $25 for the galaxy x, and if you feel its not worth it, don't get it.......the choice is yours. I look forward to new c-store items, I might not buy everything on there, but it's nice having it as an option. As long as the keep throwing out free content as well (a lot of free content) then they can go ahead and put c-store items up as far as I'm concerned. The only real problem i've had with the c-store has been the character only vs account items like 2 extra BOs or ships.

Now one are I think he is spot on, more content! Both sides need more, but Klingons especially so. I'd like to see a mass influx of new missions added for season 3, not just UGC (whenever that comes out). When releasing new missions, it should be at least a ratio of 3 to 1....thats 3 klingon missions for every new fed mission you add to the game. Personally I don't play klingons too much, but I know a lot of people do and a slew of new missions would go along way to the eventual release of a 3rd faction (rommies)