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08-08-2010, 11:19 PM
"I don't like the idea of Klingons being able to fight anyone at any time - nobody should be forced into PvP if they don't want it " really don't play many online games I take it.... The reality is its not the 'omg!! everyones going to get slaughtered a hundred times if they leave spacedock!!!' that you are likely thinking. Even the most hardcore pvp games, like Meridian59 (which has completely unrestricted pvp) don't function like that. Will you get attacked? yes, occasionally. But the fact is it only means you would have to learn to use your head and to protect yourself. It would also encourage players forming fleets and pave the way for possible future expansions of pvp content. That aside what do you really care if you are 'forced into pvp' in a game that has literally no penalty for death? Just curious is all.