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08-09-2010, 01:32 AM
Originally Posted by Grimm11
Many great suggestions have come from players and devs regarding expansion of bridge officers. One thing I'd love to see is an expansion of their functionality. Many times while on an away mission I feel like I as the captain am doing everything and the BOFFs are standing around until it comes to combat.

Perhaps we could have the ability to issue non-combat orders to our BOFFs, such as asking them to scan the area for lifeforms or for atmospheric content, or scan something specific in the environment. Tactical officers could be given orders to secure the area, which would cause them to patrol the immediate vicinity of the away team. Eng officers could analyze and repair items or damaged parts of a boarded ship...etc etc.
Really like this idea. When they first talked about Boffs in pre-beta I had the impression that we'd be using ours officers in a similar fashion - issuing guard orders to tactical officers, scan order to the scientists, repair orders for engineers.

Originally Posted by Grimm11
Would also like to be able to issue an emote command to a BOFF, it would be an awesome roleplaying tool.
Definitely want. There was a game where you could issue dialog and emotes via your pets. City of Villians? Anyway, that would be a wonderful addition for boffs. If we had it I'd spend most my time on away missions talking to myself.