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What I hate on these forums, is when people (trolls, whatever you like to call them) do one of two things

1. Start with "I dont mean to whine or complain but..." because they always do whine and complain

2. State "We the gamers/players/subscribers are unhappy"

You dear friend, have done both. Dont put 'we' in forum posts as you have no idea what opinion I have on the matter... Im sick of having to repost the easiest and simplist responce in the world to stuff like this... if you dont like the c-store then dont use it. The devs dont put items on the store saying "BUY THEM OR WE WILL KILL A KITTEN" its there for people who want them.

The Galaxy-X debaucle would be hilarious if the joke hadnt gone on this long... you can acquire the ship for FREE, all you have to do is get five friends to subscribe to the game. Its not hard, I myself have gotten two people to play and when I hit Admiral I will be purchasing the ship - and thats MY choice, it isnt Cryptic making the choice for me (Though I think I see StormShade tying a brick to a small furry animal under my desk )

End of the day this game has never once told you, you have to do anything... the c-store is optional, I apreciate that some people feel cheated and I understand them. I personally know a few guys who have got the Galaxy X the long way round only to find it on the C-Store but come on, this happenned a while back now. The devs apologised if they upset or offended anyone and tbh I feel fine with them. No one in the MMO world works as hard as Cryptic do, as a formers Champions Online player I honestly feel they are putting all their efforts into this one game.

I dont wish this to sound like a rant... It just annoys the hell out of me when people have to put "We" into the post. Especially when I for one, do not see a problem.

Hope I've not upset you, im not looking for an argument, just my two cents :-)