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08-09-2010, 07:48 AM
I made Ambassador last night (actually oh my God early this morning). I had 2mins left on my Transwarp cool downs when I got my new TW: DS9. And >poof< it had a CD matching all the others. It hadn't been installed when the others were used, how could it be on CD.

More than the shared CD, or even the fact that it's a LONG (30min) CD, I think what bothers me the most is that the power DOES NOT RECHARGE WHILE OFF SHIP!!!

At one point I TW'd to SOL, docked, and spent over an hour on base (various "bookkeeping" tasks: Exchange, bank upkeep, mail, visted the tailor, etc.). I beam back to my ship and I've stll got 29m remaining on all my TW CDs. I mean WTF?!? That really has to be a bug. Next time I'm in game, I'm reporting that. I invite you to do the same!

Speaking of bugs, and this I really shouldn't point out, but since we're talking about TW needing fixin'... There have been 3-4 times while playing that my multiple TWs CD got out of sync by 6-8mins. I haven't been able to figure out a pattern.

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MK II Transwarp drive

Coming Soon to the C-Store
Yeah, it's called the Excelsior. Heh. I'm curious how that ship's TW will work versus/in relation to the Captain and FDC powers. I suppose it will be similar to how Beam Target Subsystems works between Sci ships and BOs.

I also expect the Excelsior to have TW to Memory Alpha and the Omega Battle Group.

Edit: See post #40 regarding the Excelsior.