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08-09-2010, 09:06 AM
Originally Posted by ****tor View Post
All the space powers' cooldown time are stopped when you leave your ship, not just the Transwarps, so it's not a bug.

Also, if you want to Transwarp to Memory Alpha, do it to Starbase 39 instead, it's just next to it. Same for Gamma Orionis Gate, just fly to K7!

I also noticed the discrepency between the several Transwarp powers cooldown time (mainly between the Sol power and all the others). I haven't found a pattern to it either.

I find that with slipstream, Diplomatic Immunity, 5 transwarp destinations and a good engine, I don't really need more to speed me up.
Other Space powers don't recharge while on ground? Hmm... Maybe I just didn't notice since they aren't normally 30m. I'll have to check that out. (I still hate that though.)

Yeah, I do the SB39/K7 to MA/GO, but that's still extra, unneeded hops. Just wish I could go to MA/GO directly.

How does Diplomatic Immunity help you travel faster? As far as I know it only targets others (and has hardly any affect when it does).

I travel full VA Warp 9.97 in Sector Space, and Slipstream is great, but if I'm in Hromi Cluster and my next Diplomatic Investigations are in the Eridian Belt and B'Tran... The TW will help get to one quickly, but it'll be useless for the next one (likely the next two or three, really).