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08-09-2010, 08:19 AM
I got my Federation Ambassador Accolade last night which unlocked the new Diplomat Jacket. I'm really looking forward to your Color Mastery on this one Blackavaar.

The jacket has four colors total: Jacket, undershirt, trim, and piping (I think those would be the terms). Only the undershirt and piping are player controlled. The jacket and trim are locked, white and (light) gold respectively.

My problem, and I hope you can help Blackavaar, is that I'd like the piping to match the trim, but I can't find that shade of gold in the color pallets. So I went with a dark red undershirt and piping (matching the WoK jacket). I also can't decide what color the rank pips and combadge should be (for the later I like my LTS badge).

I haven't looked at Jiro's pants, but I went with the WoK pants. I liked the stripe up the side (WoK red, to match the top).

Looks pretty sharp I must say.

Anyway, I look forward to your "Professional" assessment.

Again, why the H isn't this thread a sticky?!?