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08-09-2010, 12:33 PM
Originally Posted by Tehedra View Post
Would be great to see FPS like combat on the ground, would definitely change the feel of STO so that it doesn't feel like a more simplistic version of WoW.
I disagree. The issues with ground combat would still be there in a first person view. So the feel of the combat, other than aesthetics which would wear off pretty quickly, would remain the same.

The holds ... the quick kills ... the maps ... the shooting through walls ... all of those ground PVP issues would still exist. They might be worse in first person view since your view gets limited.

The NPCs, the shooting through shields, the dual pistol and auto assault spam would all still be there in ground PVE.

The kits would still be the same. Ground powers would all still be the same. Orbital Strike would still be weak. The delay for breaking holds with hypos would still be there and still get bugged. Swordmasters would still cuisinart you.

The screenshots look great. But they won't change what's wrong with ground combat. They'll just let you see it differently.