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08-09-2010, 01:56 PM
Well the doctor came to be sentient and that changed a lot of things... if you notice, though, all the same "Marks" of his model didn't change appearances (as we saw in the episode where the Doctor wrote an holonovel, and we saw all the EMH in a mine, somewhere... they all looked like the Doctor. Same for te EMH in First Contact!) I think if they Could have changed him, they would have, no?

So yeah, even though He could change, he was an exception, in my opinion... all others EMH Mark 1 were fixed.

EDIT: It was stated several times that the Doctor was made to look like his creator, Dr. Zimmerman. That's one of the reason they didn't change. EMH Mark II said the same, so I would expect all the Mark IIs (even though he was only a prototype) would look like Andy ****! Granted, the bridge officer we have isn't an EMH, just a bridge officers, and STO is set decades after Voyager and advances in individual customization might have been made.