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08-09-2010, 02:29 PM
Originally Posted by Kilawpilath View Post
I really like this Idea. Especially the Idea of the Bridge officer eventually becoming his own Captian and becoming a new character. It would even be great if they used that way to allow players to basically create characters above level 1, or level 6 on Klingon side. With the option to skip the tutorial in order to get those extra levels. Maybe not an automatic new level 51, but perhaps a level 11.
Logically, if you promote a Bridge Officer to "Captain", and make him/her an "alt" character, should he/she not also automatically be at said rank then? I.e Captain 1 (Rank/Grade).

Some interesting answers in that Q&A. I hope to see a much more polished version of STO in the Season 3 patch, as I'm assuming my posting privileges will be revoked shortly due to the "welcome back access". While I found Season 2 enjoyable, I've already done all the new Undine content, and still 2 grades short of Vice Admiralty. Reason I shut down my subscription in the first place, was due to a distinct lack of content back in Season 1. I really don't want to have to grind exploration or "defend the sector" content to get to max rank, and i've never been much of a pvp'er.

I'm guessing the "big secret project" will be related to whatever is planned for the Season 4 update which likely is scheduled for release sometime around Feb 2011 (12 month since STO went live).