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08-09-2010, 02:37 PM
I have a suggestion about sector space. Oddly enough, I would like to feel like I am in the show. I want to tell my helmsman to plot a course for vulcan, and then he does it. For instance:

You bring up the map, decide where you want to go and click it. The system would then give you the option to view the travel from normal view(as we see it now), and we travel and just watch. This would have the same functionality as it does now, except that it feels more like being the captain. And the only way to change course is to bring up the map again. I don't mind not having control of the ship for sector space, as long as I can play in my inventory.

As far as the sector defense stuff, you could still get hit by one and get sucked into it.

The second option would be to give us the option to goto the bridge while we travel, have a terminal accessible, or an NPC like your science officer accessible to ask question regarding the system we're traveling to. Just some random thoughts.