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Q: When will we see an Android Federation Captain and bridge officers?

Q: What is Cryptic's plan to make ship interiors utilized for in game functions,
such as commanding from your bridge option, or combat from your bridge option?
(IE bridge commander/final unity style)
When will we be able to interact with bridge consoles ( to set course or go to red alert, fire weapons)?

Q: When will we have a bridge officer to tool to assign bridge officers and NPC thoughout our ship and assign them titles and functions? (IE working a panel or bridge station or guard duty, walking halls, lounge)

When will we be able to see all bridge officers on our bridge?

When will we be able to customize our NPCs with a ship uniform by class?

Q: When will we see a box to assign titles to our bridge officers or NPCs ( First officer, Chief Medical Officer, Chief Engineer, Transporter Chief, Security Chief, and other where you may enter a title) ?

Q: With the new exchange type bridge officer will it have all BOs, with a tab for commissioned officers and one for non commissioned BOs, so that we may get some of the rarer BOs commission able?

Q: When will all uniforms options we have unlocked be able to be used with each other for full customization as claimed? (IE MU COM badge on another TNG uniform if the Captain has all of these unlocked on their account?

Q: When will we be able to have an expanded crew? (IE commissioned crew roster with 30 names to have a real interior crew)

Q: Where is my observation lounge on my ship interior? (the diplomatic mission on Bajor was great!)

Q: When will see and hear Brent Spiner in game?

Good Job on the ship interiors, it felt like Star Trek for the first time when I could walk my ship.
Thank you.