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08-09-2010, 04:27 PM
Originally Posted by wraith1977 View Post
While playing a space combat mission where I was getting my butt handed to me by NPCs, I thought of this idea. (Forgive me if it's been mentioned before.)

It would be a really neat feature if you could make a distress call while in a mission. Doing so would place an icon on the sector map indicating that someone is requesting help in a particular system. People flying around in sector space would see the icon while flying by, and could offer assistance. Once a player flew to the system, they'd be given the option to enter the system normally, or "Respond to Distress Call." Selecting that option would bring the player into the same instance as the player who made the distress call, and they'd automatically become part of a team.

In order to prevent everyone from just clicking "Send Distress Call" as soon as they enter a level, a threshold could be set for when the function becomes active. (Something like, you have to die 3 times before you can make a distress call, or something.)

This is an excellent idea! I think it would make the game more immersive and give it more of an "I'm part of the big Starfleet (KDF) family" kinda feel.

I would give me a little something extra to do at VA and also help build the community.