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Greetings. As some of you may now, there are a few chat channels existing within the game designed to aid people in finding a PVP match without having to use the q system. For informational and nostalgia purposes: here is a brief history of said channels.

At a time long long ago when viral matrix was fatal and subnuke unstoppable, a chat channel was created for the few players who braved the unknown waters in search of high quality pvp (OrganizedPVP). That channels creator, hivewasp (rip?), is no longer with us. The channel lives on and has went through many phases of success and failure.

In the beginning alot of noobs asked stupid questions there all the time. I personally blame cryptics lack of documentation within the game for many skills upon release for this dilemna. As I can honestly not count how many players said "TSS sucks it only does x drain" and were enlightened to hear "sensor array boosts it... i can drain xx". As people learned the game and began to understand the more complex dynamics in pvp, the focus of the channel shifted from educational to its destined purpose: aiding players in finding quality pvp, as a team or individuals.

This second era was not without incident. Some players (as they will do) spammed and trolled and flamed. So bad did a few anger the channels creator, that he then made the channel private. (At the time i was against this move, and saw it as the death of the effort, but i was wrong)

The problems continued however as many people in the channel didnt really care about pvp, for whatever reason. Some just wanted to fly with their own fleet (nothing wrong with that) and some just wanted to proclaim their greatness at everyone elses expense. At this time the creator lost his will to deal with such people, and sadly alot of players were forced out of the channel or left because of the troubles.

One such group(hivewasp haters) was the DOB fleet. They created another channel (still alive today) called PremadePVP specifically for the purpose of finding "complete teams" to play against. This works great and is used to this day by many fleets federation and klingon alike. Im not complaining about PremadePVP channel, it is open to all players, rarely has any flames or trolling, and can be used to maximum effect by already existing premade teams to find enemies. Thus many fleets utilize this channel to aid them in fighting quality opponents as opposed to pugs.

However, as lamentations in other threads would indicate, this channel (PremadePVP) is dominated by a few large very high skill fleets. (7th core, 182, s31, GOD and few others). An analogy would be that of a rich boys country club, where already trained golf enthusiasts can play eachother without having to deal with "noobs". Sadly this channel did not continue on the basic tenet of the original OrganizedPVP channel. It lost the ability to bring in new people as individuals (who may then even join one fleet after flying with them by choice) and has since deteriorated in usefulness and popularity.

This brings us into the present, where OrganizedPVP has 500 members+ and PremadePVP has near 150 and hours go between comments in either channel. Few people attempt to find other players to team with as individuals in OrganizedPVP chat, and few teams seek a full premade enemy in PremadePVP. The fact of the matter is, a personal contact with a known fleet rep is all that is necessary to pair two full premade teams together. For example I can just as easily message Santa Claws or Ninjaboy as I can type in the chat. And sadly alot of fleets have sunsequently chosen their "favorite" enemies and not even bothered to bring new people, fleets or individuals, into the fold. Both channels see more idle chatter and off topic rants than they do "t5 k lfg".

So what praytell, is the solution? I believe a new channel specifically dedicated to max level arena space FvK pvp can prosper in this game and bring high quality pvp experience to additional players. As the pool of competency expands and more people learn the game, more high caliber enemies will emerge on the battlefield. Better enemies= better gameplay. If I am playing a game and I win(or lose) I will always reveal my exact strategy and hide nothing in a vain attempt to "maintain my edge". This is what true warriors do. The battle is the victory, the greater the fight, the better for all (win or lose). This isnt the art of war, its the art of competition for competitions sake. This is gladiator combat, and to truly be the champion you must have faced the hardest opponent. I say bring them on! (i usually lose)

The following post will detail my idea thoroughly.