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# 2 the ten chatmandments
08-10-2010, 12:19 AM
Ill start with a very basic list of what i think will make this channel very effective.

1. No flaming/trolling/bragging/trash talking/ egging on.. etc.
for example
"you cheated!"
"ha ha we owned you!"
"you guys suck because you wont play us"
"we are the best fleet in the game (true or not)"
"ill play you guys but screw [player x]"
"wheres sulu!?"
basically: be adult, use the channel for its purpose

2. Tight member count. Restricted to leaders of fleets(who will have admin powers), and their top ten (or most interested) players.

this will reduce the player pool in theory, but weeding out people who are only mildly interested is a good thing imho. You want to represent in OPVP, you better be the best, or have your fleet leaders blessing. (and if u arent in a fleet at this point then ORGANIZED team pvp is obviously something youre not interested in)

3. Stay on topic.

Kind of obvious but this channel will be solely for players to LFG allies and enemies for private q games. The other channels (OrganizedPVP, PremadePVP) can still be used as free for all chats. Not OPVP.

4. FvK only.

The war in this game is between the Federation and the Empire. While KvK is fun, it is going to be similarlyorganized within the construct of the KDF alliance. And FvF doesnt need any help (most premade matches are as of now FvF organized thru PremadePVP chat.)

5. For Space combat only.

While ground is fun (is it?) it isnt what this game thrives on, or relevant, and this single focus will help to tune the channel towards its destined purpose.

6. Arena Only. (cracked planet, solar wind, briar patch)

Hardly even have to mention this one, as I almost never have seen anyone in either channel ask for a premade cnh game. Its about the BATTLE not sititng on top of some "point" in a meaningless respawn-at-the-base fest.

7. Maximum level only.

Serious pvp for players who have been there done that. Again the singular focus will eliminate unnecessary chat and wasted time. "What your not max level??!?, no wonder the private q isnt working...."

8. Ventrilo capable players only.

No offense, but it helps to make coordinating matches as well as the game itself go alot smoother. Was so strange that OrganizedPVP creator didnt use vent. And a huge hassle. Doubt this will be a problem or factor, as most avid gamers are capable of using voice chat. And if you want to be in an opvp match, you better.

9. No quitters.

I dont care what happened in the match or if the other team broke rules 1-9. You are in it to win it, there will be no leaving the match and claiming victory becus the other team "whatevered". Just today i was in a pug where some noob (klink) said "hey these guys are too hard im just going to stay hidden and get the points". no one wants this guy on their team i dont want him in this channel.

10. Dont talk about OPVP.

The last rule is the first rule of any good fight club. We want high quality opponents and gameplay. This isnt going to be the place to pad your fraps youtube video with unwilling participants. Not to proclaim your dominance on the forums becaus you won 15-0. This is the channel for PVP. Any matches organized through here will have been fought with respect. And sacred honor. That goes for before, during, and after the match. I personally think it would be impolite, to talk publicly about a "private match" unless the opponents were okwith it, or it was during a special event/publicized tournament.

Welp these are the ten things i think would make this channel useful, fun, and free of headaches. Feel free to add any comments or suggestions! Thansk for reading (you earn a gold star!) <S>