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08-10-2010, 06:00 AM
Originally Posted by mancom
I think an important part of establishing more good organised PVP is to encourage "PremadePUGs", i.e. players teaming up, using vent etc. who are not in the same fleet.
this is the purpose of this channel as i see it. PremadEPVP already exists to find premade teams when you have a premade team. What we need (especially for klingons) is a way to form multi fleet teams based on willingness to play against harder "premade" opponents. The original impetus behind the OrganizedPVP channel was this, it was also at a timewhen many people were not maximum level, and only a handflu of fleets could field 5 man teams.

Now we no long have a requirement of 5 man teams which is good. But we also have the existence of manuy premade fleets who tend to not "fly with eachother". We need to squash this false logic, in the time of need all willing ships should come to the battlefield, fleeted or not. But when they enter an arena using the OPVP chat systems theyll be able to know their allies before going in, and be capable of at least very limited organizing/team preparation. Thanks for the comments.

As to Ninjaboys comment I think thats a good idea as well. That would give us basically 4 channels to work with OrganizedPVP(used for duels, ground, kvk/fvf however you can get it/tacticstalk/etc), PremadePVP(designed to match team vs team of premades), the new OPVP (designed to find other pvpers to form teams from 2to 5 man and enemies), and perhaps another channel specifically where said teams can post to find other teams, once they have coordinated and agreed on what kind of game they are after. <S>

stay tuned for more info/threads on this subject