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08-10-2010, 08:26 AM
Originally Posted by rdman22 View Post
i cant believe u try to include the galaxy X in your aguement

it is $25 for a reason

it was a recruiting bonus, till you all whined about havign to recruit! so cryptic put it in the c-store, the high price is to reflect how scarce it should have been from the referall program and how the $25 would equate to getting the 5 people in to play which cryptic would lose out on as the complainers wouldnt do it and demanded it in the c-store. if i were cryptic id have put it on for more!

sure they are selling extra races etc... so? i think the extra races are great and most of the things in the cstore are so cheap compared to other mmos.... 20 horse in wow anyone???

if you dont like whats in the c-store dont buy it none of the stuff in there is life changing! the only reason so much stuff is in now is because people rant for them in 100s of useless threads!
If you'd even bother to read the thread before you posted, then you would have seen that I said someone explained the recruiting thing to me and that I wasn't nearly as irritated about the Galaxy-X as when I originally posted. But I guess that would take effort, kind of like using more than one or two punctuation marks in your entire post. =P

My problem, as I've said at least once or twice in this thread (again, try actually reading before you post) isn't that they're releasing stuff for sale; it's that it feels like they're release too much stuff for sale. I don't think it would be asking too much that we get a couple of playable races for free. Tellerites, for example, have been around since TOS. Ferengi in Starfleet have a canon basis in DS9, and you see Klingons in Starfleet in TNG, DS9 (Worf), and Voyager (B'ellana, even if she were only half). I think those should have been given to us. Caitans, for example, I can understand putting in the C-Store; they were rarely ever seen and not iconic. I'll reiterate in case the number of times I've said it already somehow left some confusion; I DO NOT HAVE A PROBLEM WITH THE C-STORE'S EXISTENCE AND/OR USE. I have a problem with the amount of content in the C-Store and I think some of what is in there should have been given to us instead of sold to us.