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08-10-2010, 10:01 AM
Originally Posted by ElkinFencer10 View Post
If you'd even bother to read the thread before you posted, then you would have seen that I said someone explained the recruiting thing to me and that I wasn't nearly as irritated about the Galaxy-X as when I originally posted. But I guess that would take effort, kind of like using more than one or two punctuation marks in your entire post. =P

My problem, as I've said at least once or twice in this thread (again, try actually reading before you post) isn't that they're releasing stuff for sale; it's that it feels like they're release too much stuff for sale. I don't think it would be asking too much that we get a couple of playable races for free. Tellerites, for example, have been around since TOS. Ferengi in Starfleet have a canon basis in DS9, and you see Klingons in Starfleet in TNG, DS9 (Worf), and Voyager (B'ellana, even if she were only half). I think those should have been given to us. Caitans, for example, I can understand putting in the C-Store; they were rarely ever seen and not iconic. I'll reiterate in case the number of times I've said it already somehow left some confusion; I DO NOT HAVE A PROBLEM WITH THE C-STORE'S EXISTENCE AND/OR USE. I have a problem with the amount of content in the C-Store and I think some of what is in there should have been given to us instead of sold to us.

just because i dont use punctuation marks doesn't make my point less valid. and i try to read as much of all the posts i can but there is that much ******** that it gets difficult to keep up most of the time. but yes they could release a few things free now and again but i doubt much will change any time soon.