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08-10-2010, 12:11 PM
Originally Posted by Raiden_Magmus
They have a app for champions online, why don't they have one for Star Trek Online? I'd like to know!


Those who support a star trek online companion, please post.

Please do not post if your off-topic, thanks!
I'm currently developing a STO app that will work with iPhone (3GS and 4 - iOS 4.0+, naturally) and iPad.

So far, this app features:
-Interactive galaxy map
-Interactive starship tier chart
-List of accolades
-List of Starbases (and what level goods are sold there)
-List of Abilities granted with each level
-(just added) list of Diplomatic Corps awards
-List of User and Bridge Officer abilities (with descriptions)
-Links to the STO, Cryptic Store and the official STO website

Things to come:
-Links to the Captain's Database (including your characters)
-RSS feeds
-DevTracker (via Twitter)
-User-Friendly forum access
-In-game mail system
-Friends list

NOW before you get too excited, this is still in the development stage. There's A LOT of information to handle, and the scripting is incredibly complex (if you do any other application development in C++, Flashor Java, iOS is SO much worse). So it's not nearly ready for release yet.

There's also a whole lot of legal stuff to take care of with Cryptic and @Suricata (as the interactive map and the starship tier chart are on his artwork), but I haven't presented either of them with anything yet, as I would like to have a working product before I make a presentation.

But hopefully, before the year is out, I'll have this app on the market.