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Originally Posted by skyblack86 View Post
DS9 had a cloak on the defiant under a deal with the Romulans, this late in the timeline its not inconceiveable they're using this technology further/have developed their own cloak

Riker in the episode 'All Good Things' which is set prior to the date STO is currently in had access to a Galaxy-X

In the Voyager episode 'Endgame' Admiral Janeway mentions that there are new ways to fight the Borg and that they're not as threatening as they once were. (I would suggest that this timeline's Borg cube is a fraction of the threat it would have been back when one was encountered in 'Q-Who'/'Best of Both Worlds')

It is also cannon that a hologram can be changed in appearance as seen in the episode 'Life Line' where the Doctor becomes a masseuse in order to be able to scan Zimmerman ^.^ funny scene - I'm all for custom holo-officers =]
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